The duo creates a dissonant hybrid of many metal-influenced genres while maintaining a sincerely hard-bitten approach to their craft.

The present line-up is a raw and direct display of years devoted to creating unapologetic music that nods to their past-lives and aggressively claws at the days ahead – without sympathy or desire to adopt a formula exhausted by an over-saturated/grossly-imitated scene.

“This duo is interesting because they go the complete opposite fucking direction than what you would think and expect. Many will think this shit’s senseless, but I think it’s awesome and a huge middle finger in the face of all other doom bands who just sound all the fucking same because they just go by the book. All hail the pig!”

“Richly dirty and well-schooled in how to handle massive buzz, this is one for those who want amp worship and down-tuned venom in equal measure.”




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